Hello cuties, my name is Charlotte and im a DJ born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Home of the best nightclubs in Australia i have played at a ton of nightclubs and bars here. I have always had a love and passion for djing since i was a lil cherub my dad was actually a DJ in the 80’s and taught me how to DJ when i was like 8. I first touched a pair of decks when i was 14 and got laughed at for being a girl but that only made me want to do it more and prove that WE GIRLS RUN THE WORLD <3

Currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

How long have you been DJing?: Officially on decks 12 years now. i started learning on DJ programs when i was 8
What genres do you Play? Im an open format DJ so i can actually play everything. I love techno, deep house, tech house, funky disco, house, and dnb.

Im just a girl trying to share my passion and love for music with ya’ll so come on a musical journey with me xxx


[email protected]