Halo Beats

Keith Tolbert AKA Halo Beats is an Oklahoma City based electronic dance music producer focusing his sound from his roots of piano and percussion. As a youth Keith learned piano from his grandmother, where he would sit with her every Sunday in church, slowly learning one key and chord at a time. Fast forward to today, Halo Beats is still mastering new virtual instruments and has earned his spot in the bass music community, jumpstarting his career playing Art Basel art week in Miami, Florida and coast to coast performing with acts such as Carbin, Dirtysnatcha, Nitti Gritti, Tynan, Bass Jackers, Crankdat, Bommer, Artix!, Evalution, Levitation Jones, Vanilla Guerillaz, Madnoiz, Lovely bones, Cat Dealers, Sluggo, Lit lords, Menace, VLCN and many more. It’s safe to say Halo Beats is an up and coming force. With his energetic sets and wobbly bass lines, Halo Beats has a sound and a show that will leave you feeling energized, emotional and uplifted all at once.


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