Mia Lunis

2004 was the year that Mia Lunis started a prolific career, with significant connections with the public and work partners and especially with music! Inspired by the synths of the 80’s, from which she drew references from world music, Mia developed her passion for musical research from there. Born in São Paulo, in the industrial zone of the city, she had her first contact with local clubs playing Dark Wave, Synth Pop, Electro and Industrial, starting to write her sound storytelling.

Leaving for bigger clubs in São Paulo, following the same trends that started her in the underground circuit of the city, Mia became enchanted with House Music and sub-trends such as Progressive, Melodic and Acid, bringing to light her countless references marked by her extensive baggage. musical. The artist redesigned her project in 2014, focusing especially on the roots of electronic music, founding the label party Sonido Trópico, where she managed to teleport her audience to a unique atmosphere in which the main language is music and harmony with the listeners.

2016 marks the beginning of a new stage in the artist’s career with her first performance in international waters, at Festival Nômade (Chile) and soon after, her first European tour, in which she went through renowned festivals and clubs between Germany and France as Fusion Festival , Katerblau, Beate Uwe, Katzensprung Festival, Flow Paris, L’Orfèvrerie, among others, in addition to two special appearances recorded especially for Virtual Burning Man in two consecutive years.

With sets, singles and EPs released by labels such as Hug Records, Mau House Records, Laut & Luise, Husa Sounds, Planet Ibiza, Electronic Groove, Rebellion Der Traumer, KaterBlau, among others, the artist maintains her musical focus on quality and depth. of their selections and mainly, how they connect with their audience. With percussive beats and striking melodies, Mia Lunis invites listeners on a journey through the layers of Indie Dance, Progressive House, Melodic House and Techno, mixed with sophistication, lightness and a true soul wash in each set.


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