OPFX is an animator and vj located in Wichita, Kansas. He specializes in psychedelic euphoric experiences, partnering his creations and talents with like minded dj’s and musicians in order to create a cohesive audio and visual experience with our minds connected as one. From working on projects like Burning Man, Synaesthesia Project, working on stages created by Android Jones, and being able to create and/or run visuals live for numerous outstanding dj’s, like Kristina Sky, Arty, Dani Thorne, Cazzette, Oliver Smith, ZOF, Mia Lunis, Lioness, VOLO, Luper, SWIXX, NoLace, Mel Tibbson, Acer Vantes, LTD, Daal.Jeem, Beyond Earth, Jack-Jack, Justin Reed, Money G, RockyK, Stonegood, Danny Yun, CoShiki, GHIZY, Homer Spinsome, Sunnidaze, Astrive, Clancy, LeviGates, Aleve, Injuntrubl, Nubsy, KRKN, Prismatix, Riptid3, G1braltar, Halo Beats, BMULE, Xyloto, TonyBeats, litrollie, ChiquitoFuego, j^2, Ohmicide, Ezcher, Divine Waves, Tashi, Goaty the Kid, SuperJ, Emdee, SWELL and so many others around the world.. I’ve come to know a few things about the functionality and execution of design and animations and the full capabilities of software like Adobe After Effects and Resolume Arena to create not only visual walls, but also projection mapped fully immersive experiences!

See examples of his work on the past livestreams section of our page, as he is the lead VJ for Anonymous Productions.

Are you interested in working with OPFX? Simply contact him at Art@iamopfx.com for rates, or we can book his services for you when you rent production packages from us.