Sean Christopher Ward

Director of Anonymous Productions

Sean Christopher Ward… j_pg… OPFX… Anonymous Productions… No matter which name is utilized, there’s one thing we can tell you about Sean and that is he is constantly looking to expand the horizons of art and technology and trying to create artwork and audio/video experiences that immerse his viewers in a surreal world of geometry and organic psychedelic design alongside amazing soundtracks! Over the past fifteen years of being in the cultures industry, he has worked alongside or had his artworks collected by so many inspirational people and organizations, like Burning Man, Art Basel, Paris Art Week, The Other Art Fair, Superfine, Android Jones, Universal Japan, Gitlab, Planetary Holdings, Aaron Lux, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Julie Floyd, Julien Hall, Milan Kordestani and so many more incredible individuals who have helped sculpt his journey in the arts! Stemming from a flat plane of design to the immersive nature of mapping, led screens, lighting and music, his journey is only beginning and he meerly hopes his creations will help inspire those around him, as well.

Untrained professionally, he has taught himself how to be an audio tech, electric light tech, dmx coder, screen programmer, video jockey, stagehand, you name it… He’s done it and does it safely and professionally every time with the best attitude possible and will never give up, no matter the struggle to achieve his dream or your vision if you work alongside him.


Justin Reed

Sound Technician / Laser Technician

Justin Reed has been dj’ing for years now, constantly fascinated with trance, house and techno, flashy lights and all the lasers!! Upon opening Astoria Creative Community Venue with his partner, Karen, we are working together on numerous projects and plan to have a wonderful curation of events ahead for you!  Justin has been programming ILDA/DMX lasers throughout the past year, so we go to him when we need advice on the subject, or when we need finely tuned sound at an event.